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Loro Piana

Loro Piana is an Italian clothing company

specialize in luxury
cashmere and wool products

The brand was founded in 1924 by Pietro Loro Piana.

Loro Piana prides itself on sourcing the very finest, rarest raw materials the world has to offer, including unique cashmere from baby goats in northern China and Mongolia, vicuña from the Andes, extra-fine Merino wool from Australia and New Zealand and lotus flower fiber from Myanmar.


for men and women!

The finest, rarest animal fiber in the world comes from the fleece of a small member of the camel family that lives wild in the Andes: the vicuña. Its story is closely bound up with that of Loro Piana, with its renowned passion for the world’s most outstanding raw materials. Loro Piana’s commitment to the sustainability of these rare, exclusive fibers has resulted in long term conservation programs to safeguard the animals and their habitats.

Stores in Europe, North America and Asia

The company is part of the LVMH group.

More than 170 stores worldwide and 9 productions sites owned by Loro Piana, and located in Italy.

The headquarters of the company is in Quarona, Italy. 

Loro Piana in Serbia is a part of Global Fashion brand portfolio, and you can shop the latest pieces from their collection in our fashion stores in Belgrade.

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