Barba Napoli FW21
Barba Napoli
Founded in 1965 by Antonio Barba in Naples suburb
luxury brand
His choice came from his big love for the emblem of a classy man: the shirt.

Initially, Barba shirts were tailored for a select clientele only, chosen among the Neapolitan élite.

BARBA NAPOLI garments are

in the most prestigious
boutiques of the world.

The brand interprets the needs of the contemporary dressing by innovative and actual man/woman collections, evoking the classic elegance with high-quality products and the contemporaneousness of fabrics.

BARBA Napoli garments feels

tailored shirts

The brand is recognized for impeccable production, craftsmanship cut, tailor-made items, sewed like a second skin.

Company headquarters is in Arzano, Italy.

Barba Napoli in Serbia is a part of Global Fashion brand portfolio, and a selection from their collection is available in our stores in Belgrade.

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