‘It’s all about natural materials, textures and colours.’

Yves Salomon is a luxury fashion brand renowed for its expertise in fur and outwear, blending traditional fur craftsmanship with contemporary design. The brand offers a wide range of elegant and stylish pieces that sombine high-quality materials with meticulous attention to detail…translate to serbian in an elegant and comprehensive way

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Brand legacy

Yves Salomon’s history begins with Grégory Salomon, a Russian dissident who established his fur business in Siberia before moving to France in 1920. Under his son Boris’s leadership, the brand gained recognition for its colorful and patterned furs, becoming a favorite of luxury houses like Dior and Révillon. In 1972, Yves Salomon expanded collaborations with renowned designers, solidifying its reputation for excellence and creativity. The brand continues to innovate, transforming the fur industry with unique treatments and lightweight designs. Today, led by the fourth generation represented by Thomas Salomon, Yves Salomon combines tradition with research and development, offering fur-free alternatives like the Météo line made from wool and lambskin. The brand’s commitment to innovation and timeless style ensures its continued relevance in the fashion world.

Iconic creations

ARMY collection

In 2005 Yves Salomon launches the ARMY collection, a line inspired by vintage parkas found at flea markets and reworked to reveal a new, resolutely modern and urban edge. ARMY combines technical performance and luxurious materials, and features different models of windbreakers and down jackets, raincoats and parkas, t-shirts, hoodies and cargo trousers.
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The art of fur embedded into fashion

As Yves Salomon says, “It’s important to give consumers choice, while keeping designers from feeling restricted.” Thus, led by this knowledge of fur and the ways in which it can be metamorphosed, the house of Yves Salomon has today expanded into several different lines using wool and cashmere, satin and silk knitwear, leather, feathers, fur, and new advanced technical fabrics.

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