Marcelo Burlon County of Milan is a cutting-edge fashion brand that combines cultural influences and avant-garde creativity to redefine the industry. With its vibrant graphic prints, bold colors, and daring silhouettes, the brand is creted for dynamic urban young individuals.
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Brand legacy

Marcelo Burlon was born in Argentina, to an Italian father and a Lebanese mother. He moved with his family to Italy in the Marche region in 1990 and his active spirit and interests in music and nightlife influenced the brand philosophy.

Marcelo Burlon’s County of Milan brand is a revolutionary force in contemporary fashion. With a fusion of cultural influences and avant-garde creativity, Burlon has redefined the industry. Established in 2012, the brand quickly gained recognition for its vibrant graphic prints, bold colors, and daring silhouettes that challenge traditional norms. Each garment is meticulously crafted with luxurious materials, showcasing Burlon’s unwavering commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Collaborations and limited editions push the boundaries of art and fashion, delivering innovative designs.

Beyond clothing, Marcelo Burlon creates a global community that embraces diversity and self-expression and with visionary creations inspires individuals to embrace their own distinct style and the power of self-expression.

Iconic creations

Wing, Wolf, and Snake motives

The iconic winged motif symbolizes freedom, inviting individuals to celebrate their unique identities. In Burlon’s world, fashion becomes a canvas for storytelling, where cultures collide and individuality thrives.

Marcelo Burlon County of Milan offers basic garments such as t-shirts and sweatshirts characterized by prints inspired by the tribal motifs of Patagonia, reinterpreted in a strong modern version. Snakes, wolves and birds with spectacular plumage adorn the streetwear garnments as if they were the symbols of a tribe, and it is precisely what gathers around the brand: an urban tribe of young people who go to the clubs.

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The art of Italian streetwear

Marcelo Burlon County of Milan’s designs foster a sense of unity and identity, drawing in a dynamic urban tribe of young individuals who gravitate towards the vibrant nightlife scene.

Our selection of the Marcelo Burlon collection

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