“Real luxury in shoes lies in the pleasure of slipping them on.”

Gianvito Rossi is a luxury Italian footwear brand known for its high-quality, elegant shoes. The brand was founded by Gianvito Rossi, son of renowned shoemaker Sergio Rossi. Gianvito Rossi shoes are characterized by sophisticated designs, attention to detail, and craftsmanship. The brand is celebrated for its stylish and comfortable heels, flats, and boots, often featuring clean lines and timeless silhouettes. With a focus on both fashion and comfort, Gianvito Rossi has gained popularity among celebrities and fashion enthusiasts alike for its refined and luxurious footwear collections.
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Brand legacy

In 2006, Gianvito Rossi laid the foundation of his eponymous brand in Milan, a city where he has continued to unveil his collections. Yet, while Milan serves as the vibrant backdrop for his creations, the roots of unparalleled artisanal excellence delve deep into the heritage of San Mauro Pascoli in Emilia-Romagna—a region celebrated for its storied tradition in crafting luxury footwear.

Gianvito Rossi’s brand swiftly emerged as a pivotal force in the global accessories realm, propelled by an unwavering commitment to quality, a contemporary vision, and an aesthetic that embraces the philosophy of less-is-more. The essence of Italian craftsmanship and innovative spirit converges seamlessly in every Gianvito Rossi design. Each style, marked by femininity, sophistication, and modernity, embodies a harmonious blend of timely relevance and timeless elegance. Through meticulous design and impeccable proportions, these creations not only elongate the silhouette but also accentuate the female form, imparting an empowering attitude that is uniquely their own.

Iconic creations

“I’m always looking for that perfection playing with shapes and proportion to make the shoe a perfect balanced combination of aesthetics and functionalism. That dictates if shoes are really made for the people to enjoy them.”

Gianvito Rossi

Gianvito 105

“The Gianvito pump is what I consider my essential style: the foundation of my aesthetic”

Crafted in 2008, the Gianvito 105 stands as “the archetype,” a manifestation of Gianvito Rossi’s dedicated pursuit of the “perfect shoe.” Having meticulously honed the formula for the ideal silhouette, Gianvito bestowed his own name upon this exclusive style, encapsulating his mantra: simplicity is elegance. The impeccably sculpted, straight stiletto heel, set at an exquisite height of 105mm, serves as the foundational model for the entire Signatures collection.


“Portofino is the modern interpretation of a simple sandal, with a stronger and renewed proportion”

Portofino, the epitome of Italian aesthetic refinement, was conceived in 2014 during a weekend sojourn that Gianvito Rossi undertook in the city bearing the same name—an iconic jet-set destination synonymous with the pinnacle of sophisticated Italian lifestyle. This sandal embodies understated elegance, with a slender strap gracefully enveloping the toes and encircling the ankle. The elevated back and coordinating rounded buckle accentuate the minimalism inherent in its impeccably essential lines.


“Bijoux is a sandal inspired by new dimensions: its shape suggests new perspectives”

Exemplifying quintessential glamour, Bijoux emerges as the hallmark style fashioned in 2021, poised to redefine the timeless stiletto sandal. Gianvito Rossi seamlessly melded influences drawn from African jewels with the sleek lines and volumes of contemporary art. Unfurling gracefully into a three-dimensional realm of imagination, Bijoux introduces an unexpected geometry that provocatively challenges traditional proportions. The two rounded straps, artfully embracing the foot, achieve a harmonious equilibrium with the sinuous allure of the slender stiletto heel, all while the utilitarian zip discreetly adorns the back, adding a touch of practical refinement to this opulent creation.


“I loved combining the delicate crystal detail and lacing up with an edgy modern shape”
Conceived by Gianvito Rossi in 2019, the Montecarlo sandal captures the allure and sophistication intrinsic to the social evenings along the enchanting Cote D’Azur, from the opulence of Montecarlo to the allure of Antibes and the famed La Croisette in Cannes. Attentively observing the refined ensembles adorning women in these glamorous settings, Gianvito discerned the necessity for an evening shoe that seamlessly fused glamour with modernity. Thus, the concept of the Montecarlo emerged—a pointed-toe stiletto sandal adorned with delicate, diminutive crystals that embellish its slender straps, elevating it to a pinnacle of timeless elegance.

Ribbon Stiletto

“The iconic minimal sandal with a modern sharp shape”
Epitomizing the zenith of minimalism, the Ribbon Stiletto epitomizes the essence of extreme modernity through its square proportions and straightforward design. Conceived by Gianvito Rossi in 2021, this style breathes new life into a classic silhouette—the squared-toe stiletto sandal—by distilling it to its elemental form. A single, slender front strap graces the shoe, and the sole embellishment lies in the distinctive Ribbon buckle. Serving as the brand’s monogram, it artfully intertwines Gianvito Rossi’s own initials, “G” and “R,” infusing the design with a signature touch of understated elegance.


“A dreamy style for the woman who wants to be the princess of her own life”

The sublime embodiment of romanticism and a testament to Gianvito Rossi’s impeccable craftsmanship, Rania stands as the quintessential pump for women seeking to take center stage in the narrative of their lives. Perched upon a 10.5cm stiletto heel, this design is meticulously fashioned from transparent organza silk, adorned with suede trims for a touch of refinement. Each pair is adorned with 4500 resplendent crystals, elevating the shoe into a dreamlike creation that encapsulates the unparalleled magic of a wedding day.


The Art of "G.R"

“The greatest attention to quality, in design and craftsmanship, and the continuous pursue for its improvement”.
In the meticulous craft of fashioning a shoe, every step is akin to a precious symphony, each note resonating with significance. The journey commences with the painstaking cutting of leather, executed with precision as each piece is individually shaped to avoid even the slightest imperfection. The artistry extends to the methodical stitching, where leather components are assembled with a deliberate slowness, ensuring that every detail attains a millimeter-perfect alignment. Following a patient twenty-four-hour sojourn within its mold, the shoe’s finishing touches are executed with unwavering rigor. This commitment to extreme attention to detail and a steadfast adherence to traditional savoir-faire mark both the inception and culmination of Gianvito Rossi’s opulent designs—singular creations that transcend time, inviting reverence through the ages.

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