Discover Ballantyne, the epitome of luxury knitwear blending Scottish heritage with Italian sophistication. With timeless designs and impeccable craftsmanship, Ballantyne’s exquisite pieces are a symbol of elegance and style.

History & Heritage

Founded in 1800 by Henry Ballantyne in Scotland, Ballantyne fashion brand quickly became synonymous with premium Scottish yarns like tweed and tartan. Over the years, the brand’s reputation grew exponentially, particularly in the 1950s, thanks to its iconic diamond intarsia and argyle knits, adored by celebrities and nobility alike. In 1967, Ballantyne received the prestigious Queen’s Award for its exceptional cashmere quality, solidifying its position in the luxury knitwear industry. Today, Ballantyne continues to uphold its legacy of timeless elegance and innovation, blending Scottish traditions with a modern Italian touch, and captivating fashion enthusiasts worldwide with its exquisite craftsmanship.

Epic creations

Diamond Intarsia Sweather

One of Ballantyne’s most famous designs is the diamond intarsia sweater. The intricate pattern of diamonds, meticulously crafted in luxurious cashmere, has become a symbol of the brand’s craftsmanship and timeless elegance.

Tweed Outwear

Ballantyne’s tweed outerwear pieces, such as coats and jackets, are renowned for their impeccable tailoring and luxurious materials. Timeless and versatile, these creations are perfect for the colder seasons.

Cardigan Cashmere

Ballantyne’s cashmere cardigans are a perfect blend of comfort and style. These luxurious and soft pieces have become wardrobe staples, adored by those seeking both warmth and sophistication.

The Art of Exquisite Knitwear

Discover the art of production and knitting at Ballantyne fashion brand, where traditional craftsmanship meets modern techniques. Carefully sourced premium materials, with a focus on luxurious cashmere, form the foundation of their exquisite knitwear. Meticulous attention to detail is given at every step, from design and pattern creation to precision knitting using advanced technology and skilled artisanal craftsmanship. Each garment undergoes hand-finishing, ensuring a perfect fit and upholding Ballantyne’s commitment to unparalleled quality. Embracing innovation while honoring heritage, Ballantyne continues to be a symbol of timeless luxury and elegance in the world of knitwear.

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