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Global Fashion’s passion for high fashion is reflected in our carefully selected and trained team of expert fashion consultants. They are people with an impeccable sense of style and a deep understanding of history and the latest trends in high fashion. In addition to their love for top fashion, they have all undergone numerous trainings with representatives of our most prestigious brands from Italy and France. Knowledge and understanding of the philosophy of each fashion brand, as well as the demanding and time-consuming stages of creating each fashion piece, starting from design, through making materials and handcrafting, are the basis of each of their recommendations in communication with you.

Their expertise and attention to detail will help you find the perfect pieces that will highlight your uniqueness.

Introducing our team of brilliant fashion experts.


Fashion Consultant

Lazar Raičević

Snežana Radojević

Zoran Aleksić

Ognjen Lošić


Marko Kezović

Introducing our team of fashion assistants

Marta Čakovan

Milutin Raičević

Marija Trifunović

Bosiljka Lukić

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Lazar Raičević

Lazar, deeply rooted in youthful spirit yet emanating a mature and pragmatic philosophy, is an integral part of our team of fashion experts. His swift, sharp, and practical nature renders him an indispensable member, and his remarkably developed communication skills further enrich his interactions with clients. Through collaboration with Lazar, our brands acquire a distinct, contemporary approach presented in an irresistibly modern manner.

Lazar truly embodies the evolution of our company, with his growth intertwined with its foundations. Opting to join our team in his early youth, he has become an essential figure over the past decade. His expertise lies in presenting luxury segment brands such as Loro Piana, ZEGNA, Brunello Cucinelli, and others.

We warmly recommend Lazar to all clients in search of certainty and clarity. His knowledge and experience serve as a guarantee that alleviates any doubts and uncertainties, offering exceptional support to clients. As a favorite among our most prestigious clients, Lazar is responsible for the VIP Gold segment, enjoying exceptional trust.

Prospective new clients are kindly encouraged to place their trust in our other fashion consultants during the initial stage. Lazar remains available if his expertise is explicitly sought, offering personalized attention to those who insist upon it. Your experiences with Lazar will undoubtedly be suffused with subtle elegance and a sophisticated approach, underscoring his exceptional role in the realm of high fashion.


Snežana Radojević

Snežana joined our distinguished team from the very inception, contributing significantly to the launch of our exclusive VIP store at Autokomanda. Her journey to success commenced at XYZ, where over a span of a full decade, she shone as a consultant in the realm of luxury. Possessing unwavering candor and immediacy, enriched with cultural nuances and eloquence, Snežana stands as a matured fashion consultant of elevated standards.

Her journey has been enriched by training with renowned brands such as Bottega Veneta, Loro Piana, Brunello Cucinelli, and many others, further deepening her expertise. Our resounding recommendation is clear: Snežana is a master at infusing dynamism into your fashion selections. For clients who may harbor uncertainties in their choices, we warmly advocate collaborating with Snežana. Her experience will illuminate your path to selecting the perfect ensemble, infusing fashion into your life in a straightforward and impactful manner.

Allow Snežana to be your guide toward carefree sartorial expression, contributing to your experience of the unique luxury realm.


Zoran Aleksić

Zoran, enriched by a rich history as a former fashion model on the European stage, graced our team with his presence since 2015. With the passage of time, he has ascended to become a veritable star among our fashion advisors, embodying the very essence of prestige and renown. His understated elegance and youthful modernity, coupled with seasoned professionalism, render him an exceptional fashion luminary.

As a member of our team, Zoran brings not only refined taste but also the skills honed over years of European fashion industry experience. His collaboration with both ladies and gentlemen results not just in showcasing his capabilities, but also in presenting our work in an exceptionally alluring manner.

Zoran can aptly be described as equipped for comprehensive brand representation, with a special focus on our women’s collection. He possesses undeniable knowledge encompassing the entire spectrum of our brands.

Our resounding recommendation extends to all ladies seeking expert guidance in the realm of fashion selection. We warmly endorse our Zoran, whose dedication and attentiveness to your style will not only inspire but also effortlessly guide you to choose the perfect ensemble for any occasion. Allow Zoran to be your beacon toward impeccable sartorial expression, infusing a sophisticated touch into every step of your fashion journey.


Ognjen Lošić

Ognjen, as an adept fashion advisor, embodies sophistication, clarity of mind, and a discerning vision. His presence offers you a cultured, refined, and exceptionally courteous manner of presenting all our luxury segment brands.

Ognjen also impeccably commands a comprehensive understanding of our brands, both men’s and women’s collections, rendering him an ideal conversationalist for all discerning, well-bred, and cultivated clientele. His profound connection to the world of fashion allows him to guide you through our offerings in a manner that will captivate and inspire you.

With kindness and a keen sense of tact, Ognjen becomes your partner in daily style expression. For all the refined, well-mannered, and accomplished clients, Ognjen is the right person to not only offer fashion advice but also provide an experience that brings you pleasure. Surrender to his guidance and discover the realm of impeccable style at the utmost professional level.


Marta Čakovan

Marta is undeniably the heart and soul of our company, gentle, kind, and captivatingly charming. Her tender demeanor is complemented by swift responsiveness and a pleasant presence.

With great conviction, we recommend that you will soon see Marta as a valuable member of the core team. Her exceptional potential will be validated through a series of trials, following which she will join our specialized consultants team.

Let Marta be the ethereal light that infuses warmth and elegance into our company, bringing not only gentleness but also skills that will significantly enrich our business dynamics.


Milutin Raičević

On pripada novoj generaciji Global Fashion tima, mladom podmlatku koji nosi u sebi energiju promene. Nakon uspešno završenih obuka i testiranja, sa sigurnošću očekujemo njegovo brzo pridruživanje našem prvom timu.

Oduševljava mlađu populaciju naših klijenata svojim pristupom. Njegovo izoštreno oko za modu i strastvena posvećenost uspehu naše kompanije čine ga istinskim draguljem.

Neka on bude svetla tačka koja osvežava našu poslovnu dinamiku, donoseći novu energiju i perspektivu.



Marija Trifunović

Marija undeniably stands out as a precious adornment within the realm of Global Fashion. Her success and accomplishment as a young woman radiate like a beacon, while her charm and kindness effortlessly captivate you.

She is not just an observer of the fashion scene but an active companion, carrying her knowledge and passionate interest into every facet of our work.

With Marija as your fashion advisor, each shopping experience becomes a genuine pleasure brimming with inspiration and meticulous attention to detail


Bosiljka Lukić

Her upbringing, deeply entwined with the Mediterranean essence of Boka, lends a profound enrichment to her character. This young and exquisite woman exudes a candid approach to life, casting a spell with her beguiling charm and innate kindness.

Through her intimacy and unfeigned authenticity, she forges a connection that allows us a glimpse into her realm of creativity. With an unwavering commitment to design, she personally crafts garments for women within the sanctum of her tailor studio, embodying an essence steeped in artistry.

Her already distinguished contribution to our team throughout the preceding three years offers a tantalizing prelude to a swift and triumphant entrance into our ensemble of fashion consultants. Our endorsement of our beloved Bosa extends warmly to all discerning women in search of a companion who embodies simplicity, pragmatism, and contemporary grace.

May her aura serve as your guiding light through the domains of creativity and functionality, infusing each stride of your fashion odyssey with an invigorating zest and a wellspring of inspiration.

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