VIP Club

Global Fashion, a longstanding leader in the regional luxury fashion segment, proudly underscores our exceptionally high level of customer care service. This dedication has resulted in the attraction and retention of our esteemed VIP clientele. In our endeavor to respond to the trust and loyalty of our valued clients, we have established the Global Fashion VIP Club, concurrently instituting the Standards of the VIP Club.

The Standards of the Global Fashion VIP Club serve as our guide towards attaining membership among the chosen VIP clients. This protocol binds every member of the Global Fashion team, standardizing our approach, behavior, and communication towards our distinguished clients, thus nurturing our corporate culture. Within it, we also define the expectations and obligations our clients hold towards the company. This protocol is something we acquaint ourselves with upon entering our VIP Club.

Basic VIP club

Becoming a part of the Global Fashion VIP Club demands adherence to meticulously defined criteria and standards set forth by the Club. Our esteemed members become part of a thoughtfully curated exclusive society. After acquainting the client with the Protocol, we present the privileges our VIP Club extends. These privileges stem from a reciprocal relationship and a shared goal. If the client concurs, we extend an invitation to join the Club and utilize our Basic VIP membership card for the ongoing calendar year. After a year of Basic VIP Club membership, we analyze the annual collaboration and, taking into account the client’s needs and our suggestions, offer an opportunity for progression through membership in higher echelons of our VIP Club.

Becoming a part of this prestigious VIP Club signifies stepping into the realm of genuine hedonism.

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VIP Card Silver 02

Silver VIP club

Becoming a proud member of the Silver VIP Global Fashion Club entails a year of continuous collaboration and attentive adherence to the established criteria. Through extraordinary privileges, we enrich the experience of Silver members:

Carefully curated exclusive discounts await you, enriching your fashion realm. You will also have access to a personal fashion consultant who will guide you through the selection of impeccable ensembles. Invitations to exclusive fashion events in Global Fashion Exclusive Stores are at your disposal, including presentations by esteemed brands and thrilling fashion shows.


As a Silver VIP club member, you hold the privilege of reserving the most prestigious fashion pieces, ensuring you stay one step ahead of fashion trends. Each of these exceptional benefits reflects our commitment to providing an exceptional experience to every Silver VIP Global Fashion Club member. Further details and additional advantages can be found in our Protocol, designed to elevate your fashion world to an even higher level

Gold VIP club

Members of the Gold VIP Global Fashion Club are proven, regional hedonists who have contributed to the development of Global Fashion through their success, and as our slogan suggests, “Proof of their success!”


The principle that underpins entry into our exclusive Gold VIP Global Fashion Club introduces an additional level of sophistication. This privilege, accessible after a minimum of two years of close partnership with our clients, is subject to a thoughtful decision by our management. This decision, born from a deep analysis of all key parameters defining this role, aligns with the highest standards required for entry into the significant sphere of the Gold VIP Global Fashion Club.

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VIP Card Platinum 02

Platinum VIP club

With immense excitement, we are shaping the concept and contours of the PLATINUM VIP Global Fashion Club. This inspiring notion is evolving meticulously, showcasing our fervor for excellence, and our desire is to include select individuals from our cherished VIP Club in it, collaboratively shaping the future together.

Are you ready for membership in the Global Fashion VIP Club?

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