VIP Club

We have rewarded the loyalty of our customers by forming the Global Fashion VIP Club, whose membership provides ideal conditions for adequate shopping.  After clients making a purchase, experienced fashion consultants suggest to them club membership and offer them to belong to the Global Fashion world of fashion.

Each membership has its advantages, including membership in the Global Fashion VIP Club. Three VIP cards, divided by group colors, indicate club affiliation and client activity, so we have:

RED Card that has thousands of members, SILVER Card with hundreds of members, while the GOLD Card is limited with the number of members and choice is made, very carefully, who can be the holder of this status symbol.

Clients are selected for GOLD and SILVER club; for example, they can become a member of the VIP GOLD club only after a year of active membership in the SILVER or RED club, but membership can also be lost if the member is unjustifiably inactive in the VIP club.

RED card

The RED club can be accessed with the purchase for not less than 250,000 RSD. This group is joined by clients who show their hedonistic affiliation with fashion and understanding of it.
These are new members to whom we show initial trust and for the purpose of long-term cooperation, we approve possible discounts from 5% to 10%. RED card holders have access to the service of a fashion consultant in our Global Fashion stores


The SILVER club can be accessed when the active purchase reaches from 500,000 to 1 million RSD per year. Members of the RED club who show their loyalty and understand our desire for top service, with an active membership and adequate representation of the Global Fashion brand, can move from RED to SILVER club after a while.
With the SILVER Card we grant a discount of 10% to 20%; a fashion consultant service is available, as well as a VIP Shopper service (ordering the desired items that we don’t have in retail outlets).

GOLD card

The GOLD club can't be joined, but clients are selected and membership is offered by the company's management. The amount of the minimum annual purchase is confidential, as is the number of members. The GOLD Club already has members of the community that are recognized, who have confirmed their status in society by advocating in the community, with true social values.
For members of the GOLD club, we can hire a personal stylist, where the member also has the option to choose a certain stylist or replace the stylist, if the current one doesn’t suit him. In addition to the service of a fashion consultant, as well as the VIP Shopper service (ordering the desired items that we don’t have in retail outlets), a special service is also available, only for GOLD club members - shopping in the VIP Room.

* Due to the limited number of cards, we ask customers who are waiting for a VIP Gold card to be patient. The number of cards is determined by the owner and the board of directors and can be changed in exceptional situations, with the consent of them all

VIP room

Exclusive benefits

After the owner of the company officially hands them the key, the members of the GOLD Club will have the opportunity to reserve a VIP space at the desired time, with a parking lot. For a complete atmosphere, in that period of time, they will be greeted by a hostess with a serving (coffee / wine / aperitif), as well as their fashion advisor, and if necessary, the presence of a personal stylist can be arranged.

Brands and items, for which the member has expressed interest when scheduling an appointment in the VIP Room, will be available for this purchase. The fashion consultant will be there, as always, to suggest adequate items for the announced occasion, and if necessary, the hostess can show how that item would look like when dress on. The idea is that this type of shopping takes place according to “behind closed doors” system – with top service and in accordance with GOLD club members hedonistic way of life.

VIP room

VIP soba