Palm Angels is a distinctive fashion brand that captures the essence of street culture with a luxurious twist. Known for its iconic designs and authentic international presence, the brand effortlessly blends urban influences with high-end craftsmanship, creating a unique style.

Brand legacy

Francesco Ragazzi, a Milan-born Art Director, founded Palm Angels in 2011 to document LA’s skater culture. The project laid the foundation for the Palm Angels brand that was founded in 2015. Combining high-energy skateboarding with timeless artistry, Palm Angels delivers a captivating blend of visual gravitas and provocative elements.

Ragazzi’s Italian sensibility for quality materials and finishes transforms practical clothing into an art form, merging Italian flair with American authentic skating and street cultures. Palm Angels takes iconic elements, giving them new meaning while staying true to Ragazzi’s narrative. Each collection brings progressive arguments like infusing rebellious spirit into American Gothic, intertwining elements of Mod tailoring with the worlds of fishing and hunting.

Iconic creations


Palm Angels’ aesthetic revolves around iconic authenticity and the artful remix of places, resulting in a striking iconography. The garments are meticulously crafted to be both authentic and wearable, embodying a perfect blend of style and craftsmanship.
slova i simb veca
slova i simb manja


The collaboration with Under Armour and Moncler brings together innovation, functionality, and artistic expression, enhancing the garments with exceptional features and performance. It showcases a groundbreaking approach to combining authentic craftsmanship and bold communication strategies, resulting in provocative and captivating apparel.

The art of skater culture

Palm Angels embodies skater culture, translating its raw energy and creativity into wearable art. With a fusion of fashion and street culture, the brand celebrates the rebellious spirit of skaters through bold designs and urban aesthetics. Palm Angels has become a global symbol of the skater lifestyle, showcasing the artistry and individuality of this influential subculture.
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Our selection of the Palm Angels collection

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Monday / Saturday: 09.00 – 21.00
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