How did the women’s handbag become an important fashion accessory?

From the earliest times, handbags have been a useful addition to clothing worn by both men and women. The emergence of the modern handbag throughout history was preceded by a series of different types, from medieval pouches worn on belts, through 18th-century pockets, bags for carrying books and needlework supplies, to pouches for small change. […]

Fashion Icons of the Past: Queen Maria

Even during her upbringing, Queen Maria, as a member of European aristocracy, developed a poised and elegant fashion style, which in our environment was kindly interpreted as an expression of modesty. Thus, at the beginning of 1941, in the magazine “Nedeljne ilustracije,” Queen’s visit to a charitable book exhibition was recounted, during which she, modestly […]

Fashion Icons of the Past: Queen Natalija

Serbian Queen Natalija had a deep love for fashion. Despite facing criticism from many in Serbia, including King Milan, for her penchant for luxury, she was considered a fashion icon of her time, with a significant following among women. After her exile from Serbia in 1891, a dress she left behind was reportedly preserved as […]

History of Fashion and Street Style

In 1994, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London hosted an exhibition titled “Streetstyle: From Sidewalk to Catwalk, 1940 to Tomorrow,” curated by Amy de la Haye. The exhibition showcased nearly 300 items representing British and American subcultures and countercultures, aiming to illustrate their influential role in Britain. The exhibition offered fresh interpretations of the […]

Story of Cashmere

When we mention cashmere, elegance and luxury are among the first associations that come to mind. This fine animal fiber is obtained from the short, soft hairs of mountain goats and is known as one of the most expensive fibers in the world. Various breeds of cashmere goats, named after the Kashmir region in northwest […]

Kashmir Shawls: Luxury and Status

Since the second half of the 17th century, the Levant has been the main route through which printed cotton fabrics from India reached Europe. Cities such as Venice, Genova, Livorno, and Marseille began to develop local production that imitated the imported Indian textiles. The intricate patterns and vibrant colors made these fabrics attractive to both […]

The Magic of Wool

Wool, a fiber obtained from sheep’s fleece, possesses numerous characteristics that set it apart from other natural fibers. Wool is elastic, strong, and water-repellent, capable of absorbing up to 30% of its weight without feeling damp. It serves as an excellent heat insulator, making clothing crafted from lightweight wool fabrics suitable even for summer wear. […]

Belgrade Tailors and the Timeless Elegance of Men’s Suits

The French Revolution swept away the opulent, aristocratic men’s fashion of the 18th century from the European stage. Bright colors, embroidery, lace, ruffles, and cuffs made way for a new, elegant, and understated men’s suit of the 19th century. This suit evolved from the clothing worn by the English aristocracy, who spent a considerable amount […]

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