The story begins with Vito Lerario, Pino’s grandfather, who opened in the 1940s

a little bespoke
shoe firm

Near Martina Franca, a small town in the south of Italy, Francesco, one of the twelve children of Vito, immediately developed a passion for the craft, and devote himself to tailoring. He opened Confezioni Lerario in 1984


of Tim Burton, the director of Batman.

Struck by a cut of a jacket he made, in 1988 decided to convince him to make clothes for the movie. From southern Italy to Hollywood the step was short, and Lerario got an international success. 

In 1999 Pino Lerario launched the first collections with the Tagliatore logo. The production line is totally made in Italy. Tagliatore brand is famous for the jackets, blazers and coats dedicated to the lovers of elegant and linear fashion. The slim and soft forms, the perfect fitting, the nuance of the color are at the basis of the concept of a Tagliatore garment.

The headquarters of the company is in:

Milan, Italy.

Tagliatore is a part of Global Fashion portfolio of brands, and you can shop the latest items from their collection in our fashion stores in Belgrade.