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MooRER brand is from Verona, Italy

Made in Italy

The MooRER brand follows it’s own path. Path taken over the years is the synthesis of stories, experiences, and feelings that have helped to translate simple thoughts into ideas and such ideas into a finished product.

Made to last

Not all down jackets are the same.

There are three fundamental features for assessing the quality of a down jacket: source, species and composition. Source: SIBERIA where the rigid climate helps develop feathers with unique features. Species: GOOSE develops highly performing feathers, and their size, softness and lightness make them one of the best padding materials today. Composition: 95% down + 5% feathers; the higher the amount of down with respect to feathers the better the quality of the padding.

In MooRER it’s all about


The creative process of choosing materials, accessories and manufacturing as well: moments linked by a simple balance, therefore clean and elegant.

The headquarters of the company is in Verona, Italy.

MooRER is a part of Global Fashion brand portfolio, and you can find the latest pieces from their collection in our fashion stores in Belgrade.

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