Jacob Cohën

The Jacob Cohën brand was launched in 1985.

by Tato

Brand quickly gained a foothold in the luxury denim sector. But it was Tato’s son, Nicola Bardelle, whose cleverness and creative talent brought Jacob Cohën, in 2003, to boutiques around the world alongside the top brands. 


450 boutiques across Italy, and 1500 stores worldwide!

The brand is recognized for comfortable, high-quality fabrics paired with exclusive elegance. The vision driving the management team was to create a product suitable for both casual and formal wear. Jacob Cohën jeans stand out for their tailoring, fine fabrics and embellishment with refined detailing—which has always been a defining feature of the brand. Past and future, tradition and innovation are perfectly fused in every creation of Jacob Cohën, which is made exclusively in Italy and is designed for a discerning and sophisticated clientele.

The headquarters of the company is in:

Adria, Italy.

Jacob Cohën is part of the Global Fashion portfolio of brands, and the latest models from their collection are available in our stores in Belgrade.