Brunello Cucinelli
Brand Brunello Cucinelli represent a mix of formal and informal style, filled with classic and minimalist details with the use of the finest cashmere and cotton. Clothing, footwear and accessories are in natural tones, with monili details as a trademark.
Loro Piana

Loro Piana brand represents a casual and sophisticated look with top quality knitted clothes. They specialize in products made of exceptional types of cashmere and wool, and they are also known for various Walk shoe models.

Barba Napoli
The brand follows the needs for modern style with innovative collections, evoking classic elegance with high-quality products made of carefully selected fabrics. They make shirts, jackets, pants, coats and knitwear.
Thin and soft shapes, perfect cut and accentuated details are the basis of the Tagliatore clothing concept. Casual, minimal and contemporary, it balances the harmony between modern and classic in all models of suits, jackets, coats, sweaters and shoes.
Provocative and sexy, and yet chic and sophisticated, the Dsquared brand is best known for its mix of playful slogans and perfectly tailored jeans. Their elegant models are bold and daring, while jackets, pants, hoodies, T-shirts and sneakers are playful in color and shape.
Dsquared muska i zenska kolekcija
Dsquared zenska kolekcija
Tod's sneakers FW21
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Tods patike kamel boja
TOD’s is an Italian fashion brand that produces luxury shoes, sneakers, bags and leather products. It is known as a symbol of a perfect combination of tradition, quality and modern style.
Santoni is an Italian luxury brand, that specialize handmade leather footwear for men and women, but they also offer bags, belts and other accessories. The characteristic of the brand is that it offers a wider selection of leather and an unusual range of colors, both in shoes, sneakers and boots models.
Santoni shoes in Belgrade
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The Jacob Cohen brand is characterized by comfort, high-quality fabrics paired with exclusive elegance. Jeans that can be worn everyday, but also on festive occasions, that stand out with their cut, wearability and refined details. In addition to denim clothing, the brand also offers T-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets and accessories.
Brand Fedeli is known for cashmere clothes, knitwear, jackets, sports coats and a range of accessories that vary depending on the season; from hats, scarves and gloves in winter, to polo shirts, t-shirts, swimsuits, bags and beach towels in the summer season.
Fedeli dzemper polo
Fedeli dzemper kapuljaca
Fedeli dzemper
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Hogan cipele zenske
Hogan patike zenske muske
Hogan brand belongs to the Tod’s group and is known for sneakers, which are chic, comfortable and dynamic. Their “Interactive”, “Olympia” and “H222” models are still icons, and the recognizable “H” symbol has become synonymous for the brand around the world. In addition to sneakers, Hogan also makes shoes, boots, handbags and accessories.
The Fay brand is part of the TOD’S group. The idea behind the brand is to adapt work clothes to the urban environment. Tradition and timeless elegance, combined with style and versatility, is reflected in every model of coat, jacket, T-shirt, sweater, pants and accessories.
Fey muska i zenska kolekcija
Fay zenski kaput
Parajumpers muska jakna
Parajumpers muska i zenska jakna
Parajumpers zenska jakna
The brand PJS is synonymous for an adventurous, outdoor life. They are known for jackets, coats and parkas made of special materials, so that they are light and yet adequate for different weather conditions.
When it comes to the MooRER brand, the rule is that “not all down jackets are the same”. MooRER stands out for the accuracy and precision applied to their manufacturing processes, focusing on a simple and sophisticated look for every coat or jacket, with special attention to detail.